Jesus Taking the blind man by the hand. (Mark C.8 v.23)


TEXT:                         John 9:1-11


An article reported, “The blind will be able to see the light with a new bionic eye implant which is said to be available within 2 years. The development of the bionic eye will at last restore blind people’s sight. The prototype high tech implant will be fitted to approx 50 to 75 patients, mow that U.S. researchers have been given the go ahead. The bionic eye device is called The Argus II which is a spectacle mounted camera that sends visual information to electrodes in the eye.” It is amazing what our technology can do. It is certainly a far cry from Jesus spitting in dirt and making mud to put on a blind man’s eyes.

But with all our technology, it is still be far less effective than what Jesus did with a little dirt and spit.Even the miracle of technology cannot hold…

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